Pay no attention to the article over at entitled “Mens Summer Fashion Mistakes“.  They’re completely against the celebration of any kind of Shants:

jean shorts

jean shorts We recently received an email from a lady in Utah who commented on unattractive summer wear for men.

“I was just wondering, have you ever done an article on the fact that jean shorts are just never okay?? They just aren’t attractive in my humble opinion, and the more I go around town, the more I see both overweight plumpy men and young attractive men who instantly become unattractive because of their clothing choices.”

It’s pretty clear that cut-off jeans are simply out of style and unattractive. Let’s face it, long fringes hanging on a man’s hairy legs isn’t an ideal picture and no matter what it’s combined with, wearing jean shorts is a summer fashion no-no. The phenomenon doesn’t have to be explained further so all of you out there who wear the cut-offs, just know what to do — get rid of them.


Our friend from Utah explains that jean shorts are “awful contraptions” and that they should be replaced by slick Khaki shorts or relaxed cotton shorts. Another alternative to jean shorts are shorts made of trendy synthetic fibers. So many different types of patterns and fabric are available to suit every different style.

To a certain extreme, having your jean shorts altered and getting rid of the fringes can help minimize the nasty look of cut-off jeans. This last resort apparel could be worn when going to the corner store or when throwing the football around with your buddies in the backyard. You get the point.

Thanks AskMen.  Next time I want fashion advice from one girl in Utah, I’ll check back.  In the meantine, I fully support Jorts and Shakis.

Ed Note: I also just learned that “Shaki” is an Asian dildo company.  Ooops.   So, when typing in this website, please take care to DOUBLE CHECK you’ve typed dot-Wordpress and not just  Consider yourself warned.