Fitting that our first entry here at Shaki Depot, focuses on counter-culture martyrs:  Hardcore Kids.

Hardcore Shaki

Unfortunately this artist in this photo is un-named.  Based on the tags, I’m guessing the band’s name is Masquerade based out of Atlanta, GA.  I’d also like to note that another one of the photo tags reads “Hairy Legs”.  I would like to find out who the fashion-shattering guitarist is and see if he wears Shakis all the time, or if this is a one-time only deal.  My guess:  Once a shaki-wearer, always a shaki-wearer.

For more band pics like this one, check out Andrew Wesley Carter’s Flickr photo page, “The Last Word Is Rejoice ‘s” here or his professional photo site here:

Ed Note: As is common in Shant Fashion, A.W.C.’s photostream also features bands in jorts :

Band Jorts

Pictured Above:  Trees Outstreched For Miles aka (TO4M).